Probably better than the HD 600/650s, but I haven't heard those in a while and the sound from them, while good, were a tad forgettable from my sources. Would be awesome to see the two sets merged into one. Here's how they compare in some key areas. It's got a profile that I think a lot of people would find pleasing, and would work well with basically all genres of music. I did give it a 3.5 on value, since it's so pricey. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. This is a review of the FitEar ToGo! They also don't hiss too much which makes them fairly easy to live with in terms of the source. They blow the Pistons out of the water (I hope they do) and compared to the UE 900, they're a bit more narrow left-right but seem deeper front-back, if that makes sense. I've heard the K3003 and loved it, but would really like to hear the 334 before I pull the trigger. Ultimately, I ended up replacing the TG334s with the Campfire Andromedas as I enjoyed the more extended treble of the Andromedas more and was able to save some money in the process. 335」に続く、カスタムIEMの音を手軽に持ち歩ける製品だとしている。 FitEar TO GO! 334」「FitEar TO GO! The TG334 do. Hi! 334」などと同じく、カスタムIEMの音を手軽に持ち歩ける製品として誕生した。 どちらも付属ケーブルは、3.5mmステレオミニプラグの「FitEar cable 013」。黒色のペリカンケースやケーブルクリップ、メッシュポーチ、イヤーチップなどが付属する。 FitEar TO GO! My favourite tips with these were the Ortofons, followed closely by the Spiral Dots. Impress Corporation. Copyright ©2018Impress Corporation. 334」「FitEar TO GO! I'm also curious about the comfort and generally everyday use. The Spiral Dot tips actually lift the veil many complained about the TG334. the mids are recessed, but not as much as the IE80. On top of that. 334 4-driver balanced armature IEMs. FitEar is a Japanese IEM company, whose products have gotten a lot of praise on head-fi for their sound and build quality. 223」と「FitEar TO GO! outside of having too much bass, they have really little in common. Mids, mids, bass, coherent tuning, soundstage, build quality. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. FitEar apparently does a full acrylic injection for the IEMs or something along the lines of that, so the TG334s are very solid feeling in the hand. © 2001-2020 I'm affraid the Fitear will be kind of muffled, with no trebles whom you found in Phonak's peaky. could you rate it according to the price too and compare to other iems of similar type? For instance PFE112 with only one transducer owns beautiful lush mids but the sound has no hi and low edges and the overall impression ends in bore. Honestly, they don't look that good compared to a lot of top-end CIEMs and mainstream top end IEMs (SE 846, K3003, IE800), as they are a single-shade deep translucent black with a matte black finish on the faceplate which is not too interesting to look at. However, there seems to be no way to audition the 334 unless you live in Tokyo, or at least in Japan. Generally, these are built extremely well. It's of course bright but I think the both hi and low extensions brings some vibrant vibe to the sound picture. Mids are very nice on these, which are good for vocals. Perhaps the TG334 is the solution? The overall level of SQ is still quite close between the two. 335」等に続く、イヤモニの音を手軽に持ち歩ける製品として誕生しました。 FitEar TO GO! 333」が12月1日(火)以降、各販売店において順次取り扱い開始予定です。この2機種は、2010年より販売しているイヤモニ「FitEar Private 223」と「FitEar Private 333」をベースにそれぞれ開発され、一般的なカナル型イヤフォンと同様、イヤーチップを装着するユニバーサルタイプです。現在発売中の「FitEar TO GO! The cable provided is of above-average quality bordering on excellent. 多くのアーティストに愛用されるカスタムイヤーモニター(イヤモニ)で知られるFitEarから2機種のイヤフォン、「FitEar TO GO! Out of the box, the TG334 sounds bass enhanced with the stock tips but after experimenting with some tip rolling, I've discovered that the best tips to showcase the quality of the TG334 is the JVC Spiral Dot tips. I do understand if a lot of this sound stuff sounds pretty fluffy, but on an overall basis, the FitEars sound pretty damn good. ), Treble quantity: Andro >>> TG334 (much more extended treble), Treble quality: Andro > TG334 (extended treble has more detail), Soundstage: Andro > TG334 (wider presentation, very close though), Speed: Andro > TG334 (TG334 bit slow in comparison), Clarity: Andro = TG334 (both have little/no veil in sound), Detail retrieval: Andro > TG334 (owing to better treble), After-sales service: Andro > TG334 (FitEar seems like a difficult company to get a hold of, haven't dealt with either company though).


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